Electric Ceiling Fans

  • QUALITY MARKING: Nationally recogonised ISI hallmark no.CM/L 9244679 Confirming to IS:374:1979 with all amendments.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: AC, S ingle phase permanent split capacitor induction motor with following features: Machine wound stator stack of low carbon electric grade steel 14 � 16 Poles winding in 34 � 36 SWG Copper wire. Pressure die cast EC grade Aluminum motor with conductors of low resistance.
  • INSULATION: B � Class Insulation.
  • DOUBLE BALL BEARING: Set of 6201 & 6202 deep groove ball bearings.
  • AERODYNAMIC BLADE SET: Corrosion resistant blade set of aerodynamic design for maximum air circulation & delivery.
  • POWER SAVER : Minimum power input, stable performances even at low voltages.
  • SILENT OPERATION : Quite operation of low decible noise level.
  • LONG LIFE: Year round satisfactory performance & long life.
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE: Offer of costumer care service even beyond one year gurantee period of needed by indentor.
  • SHORT DELIVERY PERIOD: Sufficient stock of pre-inspected fans are always maintained to effect supplies at short intervals.
  • COMPARATIVE RATES: Compratively lower rates than other indentors due to slab discount.

Specifications & Details for MAYA Brand Electric Ceiling Fans

(Better Performance than 5 Star Rated Electric Ceiling Fan)

Brand Name MAYA
Product Electric Ceiling Fan complete with all accessories
Model Name Super Saver
Sweeps Available 900mm, 1200mm & 1400mm
Rated Voltage 100 V AC to 230 V AC
No effect on performance even at low voltage of 100 V
Input Power 30 W � 10% For 1200mm
40 W � 10% For 1400mm
Service Value 7.00 on 30 W Power Consumption (1200mm)
6.12 on 40 W Power Consumption (1400mm
Air Delivery 210 m3sec-1 for 1200mm
245 m3sec-1 for 1400mm
Energy Saver More than 65 % Energy Efficient than AC Induction Motor
Speed Control/Regulator 5 Step Electronic Regulator
RPM 320 � 10% for 1200mm
270 � 10% for 1400mm
Motor Type DC Current, Brushless Motor, 100% Copper Wound,
Motor Efficiency 90% to 100% higher than single phase AC Induction Motor
Ball Bearing Double Ball Bearing with Full Grease
G-9, Bheron Bazar Complex,
Belanganj, Agra � 04
Phone: 9412723627, 8899999888, 8899987788
  1. Energy Saving
  2. Environmental Protection
  3. Long Use Life
  4. Low Noise
  5. Convenient to Use
  6. Strong Wind
  7. Strong Powerful Motor
Past Performance Approved Government Supplier on Tender Basis & DGS&D Rate Contract
Major Indentors Railways, CRPF, MES, PWD & Other Central & State Government Departments
Other Type of Fans ISI Marked Electric Ceiling Fans
5 Star Rated Electric Ceiling Fans
Guarantee / Warantee Two Years